For some, tea is a drink to be enjoyed at the end of a long day. For others, it’s an essential part of their daily routine.

Tea can help increase focus and productivity as well as boost memory function- all without having to reach for caffeinated drinks like coffee or energy drinks.

A couple of cups in the morning may be just what you need to get going for your workday ahead or studying for that big exam coming up this week!

What Are The 5 Best Tea for Studying?

The following are 5 best teas for studying. They will help you focus, improve your memory and have a better cognitive function. In addition to that, it will help your relax and sleep better.

Green tea

Green tea is considered the healthiest tea in the world. It contains high amounts of antioxidants that are important for maintaining a healthy brain and offer extensive health benefits.

Green tea has a higher level of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) compound which is known to stimulate short-term memory. In addition to that, green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that’s known to improve focus and boost cognitive performance.

Studies  have found that beverages containing L-theanine and caffeine have the greatest impact on focus due to the effects of L-theanine on the brain.

Black tea

Black tea is similar to green tea in many ways. The key difference black tea went through an oxidation process in the making which result in intensified flavor.

Black tea contains higher caffeine compared to green tea. While caffeine helps to increase alertness and focus, L-theanine increases alpha activity in the brain resulting in relaxation and better focus.

Combined with the amino acid L-theanine that’s not present in coffee, it makes black tea the perfect substitute for those relying on caffeine for the energy boost without the side effect.

Peppermint tea

A popular tea that helps to reduce stress and improve mood. It is also good for digestion and the reduction of symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome.

A study published in “Cognitive Neuropsychiatry” in 2011 found that a daily cup of peppermint tea can help people retain memories better.

Ginseng tea

Ginseng is the root of a plant that’s commonly used in Chinese medicine as herbal remedies.  Ginseng tea is a type of herbal tea that is widely consumed in Eastern Asia to decrease fatigue and increase focus, leading to higher productivity.

Chamomile tea


This is the type of tea used for relaxation after long hours of studying, as it has a calming effect on both the mind and body. It also improves sleep quality, which can lead to more productive days in general. In another experiment, people who took chamomile tea had slower memory recall as opposed to peppermint tea due to the calming effect of chamomile.

Another study that was done by other people found that students who took chamomile instead of coffee experienced more rapid caffeine clearance from their systems and were less likely to experience negative side effects like sleep.